How This Project is Run

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How This Project is Run

Post  Veri on Thu Aug 19, 2010 4:18 pm

This project is known as Smile Passion Dubs. I know it says Smile Passion Group on the YT username, but I prefer SPD over SPG xD

This project is a generations project. There is no set cast for any of the groups, but that does not mean all songs will be color-coded either. If most everyone in a song will get one solo by casting, then the song will be casted. I must also warn you that I do not necessarily believe in being fair. I believe in producing amazing groupdubs and if that means one person will have to take the lead all the time, then so be it. I do not believe that will be the case though and I will try to be as fair as possible. However, this is a warning.

About the Groups:
No one is in any set group in this project. All members are allowed to do songs from all of the groups. Let's just say the groups names are simply labels and a way for me to organize releases Smile However, that does not mean you will get to be in every song you want to do. After all, you are not the only member in this project and everyone must get a chance. This should not be a problem while the project is small, but just a warning for the future.

About the Singles:
Members suggest songs in the Songs Suggestions thread and I choose from the most popular. Each single will consist of an A side and a B side. The songs will be casted or color-coded depending on the song. Every time we have a new single, I will ask for volunteers, but I will also pull people whom I think can pull off a song well. All in all, this process is very flexible and can change according to the song.

It's kind of complicated, but I think it'll be easier to understand once things get moving. Just go along with it. Any questions, just ask here Smile

Edit: 11.11.10
I didn't mention when I wrote this that I WILL ask people to redo their lines. Not too often, but if you completely miss a pitch or are extremely sharp/flat, it will be an instant redo. Another instant redo is if you mumble or mess up the lyrics really badly. I may also ask you to redo if your lines lack some energy or power. Do not be offended if I ask for redos. It just means I believe you can do better.

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